About Communion Counseling & Wellness

Wellness Starts with We

Holistic Health Takes A Whole Team

Many people suffer from trauma, chronic illness, and mental or physical disorders with little relief. Some have given up, believing their circumstances to be their lot in life. 

It doesn’t have to be that way.

People walk through our doors every day with little hope, and leave with a plan.

At Communion Counseling & Wellness, we help clients find real answers not because we’re more knowledgeable than other health professionals, but because we know that we’re not.

While each practitioner at Communion Counseling & Wellness is a specialist in their field, none of us are experts in every area of physical and mental health. That’s why we collaborate with a diverse team of health professionals who see things we don’t.

Our Team

The Meaning Behind the Name

The word “communion” means sharing and close fellowship. We believe in the healing power of relationships. To experience the presence of another person who is deeply attuned to us; who listens with care; who pays attention and bears witness to the details and nuances of our lives. To have all parts of us feel heard, seen, and understood. To explore our lives with curiosity and wonder. We believe experiencing this on a consistent basis can help heal and transform our lives.

Emerging from this belief and foundation, we take a collaborative approach to therapy. We acknowledge each of us is limited in our perspective and abilities. We are imperfect human beings. Collaboration allows us to share our unique perspectives and strengths with each other as clinicians and healthcare professionals to benefit our clients.

We find meaning and purpose engaging in consistent, healthy, yet imperfect relationships. We invite you to join us.