Compassionate Counseling in Allen, TX

Become Resilient

Empowerment Through Relationships

Mental health challenges cause you to live in a fog. Anxiety, depression, and trauma cloud every aspect of your life, preventing you from fully engaging with your loved ones, focusing at work, and enjoying life.

Communion Counseling & Wellness joins with you to develop tools to manage your stress, experience healing, and live your best life despite the challenges you may face.

Stress & Anxiety

The modern world is full of stressors competing for your attention. From traffic to job insecurity, you have a lot to worry about.

Communion Wellness has experienced anxiety counselors who are committed to helping you develop coping strategies to improve the way stress and anxiety exert influence on your life.


The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that around 20 million adults in the United States experience at least one major depressive episode a year.

The depression counselors at Communion Wellness offer our clients a path towards health, hope, and happiness.


Left untreated, trauma can fester and leave you acting and feeling like someone that isn’t yourself.

Communion Wellness offers CBT and EMDR therapy for PTSD, CPTSD, and subclinical trauma.

Couples Counseling

Maintaining a healthy marriage or intimate relationship is vital to feelings of self-fulfillment and happiness.

Communion Wellness offers couples & marriage counseling to partners seeking to strengthen the bonds of their relationship.


Addiction is complicated. But, at its heart, addiction is a set of patterns and behaviors that have an unfortunate effect on you and those around you.

We offer substance abuse and sexual addiction counseling services to help you find a better path forward.

Sports & Performance

It requires mental fortitude to be a successful athlete, but it can be difficult to maintain that attitude without guidance.

We offer sports & general performance therapy for athletes and individuals who need a high degree of confidence to succeed.

Life Is Hard. Healing Doesn’t Have To Be.

Counseling won’t prevent anxious thoughts from showing up when you’re lying in bed at night. It won’t keep depressive thoughts from knocking on your door when you’re alone. But it will equip you with the tools to deal with those intrusive thoughts, without giving in to them.

You don’t have to feel stuck. You can become resilient. You can live the life you want. We can show you how.

Get counseling in Allen, Texas today.

Telehealth Appointments Available

Communion Counseling & Wellness also offers telehealth appointments for your convenience. Simply schedule your appointment and speak to a licensed professional counselor in Allen, TX via videoconferencing for your next visit.