Louise Vega, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

I have lived in Allen for 25 years now and I am thrilled to be moving my practice back from Craig Ranch!  After 17 years as a teacher with Allen ISD, I decided to pursue massage as a career. I am so excited to be joining Communion Counseling and Wellness!  Healing Hands has been in existence for 13 years but the collaboration with like minded health professionals will truly offer my clients next level service! Over the years three forms of massage have really called to my heart.  My first love is Orthopedic massage. I trained under James Waslaski, a leader in this ever emerging field. I love helping discover what might be holding a client back from a pain free life and smoothing any impediments to full range of motion!  Next came grief massage, getting to see how massage helped with each stage was such an honor, using it to help clients I have cared for, for years, has been an amazing blessing. Lastly, but not least, Prenatal massage! I love putting a smile back on a momma’s face during one of the most physically challenging stages in her life. I look forward to caring for all your massage needs and helping you reach your wellness goals.

Scheduling: http://schedulicity.com/scheduling/hhm5sr

Session Fee: $99/hr with incentive packages for 4 visits