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So Much More Than A Meal Plan

Whether you’re fighting obesity, high blood pressure, or a chronic illness, learning to eat healthy without help is hard. When it comes to dieting, what works for one person doesn’t work for everyone.

That’s why at Communion Counseling & Wellness, we create custom meal plans to help you reach your health goals without hating your diet.

Our nutritionist in Allen, TX is here to simplify your path to health.

Autoimmune Diseases

Kidney Disease

Diabetes Management

Weight Management

Better Gut Health

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Your Path To Better Health

  • 1.

    Tell us about your health goals

    Whether you want to lose weight, reduce arthritis pain, or anything in between, there is hope.

  • 2.

    Get a custom meal plan

    We’ll equip you with knowledge, tips, and yummy recipes to reach your goals, and actually enjoy your diet.

  • 3.

    Feel better than ever

    Many of our clients experience more energy, less pain, and better health.

It’s Not A Diet. It’s A New Lifestyle.


Most diets are not sustainable because they force you into a restrictionist mindset. All you see is what you can’t have. Every bland meal feels like a punishment. Every bite is completely devoid of joy.

Eating should be about enjoyment, not just survival.

At Communion Counseling & Wellness, we create customized meal plans you’ll love to eat. Your nutritionist in Allen, TX will learn about your favorite foods and incorporate many of them into your meal plan. While some foods you like may have to go, most clients are surprised by the delicious meals they get to enjoy.

Ready to change your life?

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Healthy Foods Vs. Healing Foods

What’s the difference between traditional & functional nutrition?

Traditional nutrition provides general dieting guidelines. For example,

  • Eat more veggies to increase vitamin intake

  • Consume more protein to build muscles

  • Increase your carbohydrates to boost energy

Functional nutrition views each person holistically taking into account various systems of a person’s mind and body, such as,

  • Restoring system imbalances

  • Bringing healing to your nervous system

  • Fostering an abundance mindset versus a restrictionist mindset

While traditional nutrition improves your general well-being, functional nutrition uses food as medicine for your specific needs.