Robert Reid

Spiritual Coach

Robert has had the privilege of professionally helping others for 10 years. He received his master’s degree from Liberty University in 2016. While studying, Robert had the unique experience of mentoring and providing individual therapy for college students at a university counseling center. He also spent time interning at public and private community mental health facilities, helping young men and women navigate depression, anxiety, loss, and life-transitions. Since graduating, Robert has spent time in full-time church ministry providing spiritual care for individuals and couples as well as leading groups related to overcoming behavioral addictions.

Robert enjoys coaching adults in individual, group, and couples contexts. He values working with individuals of diverse ethnic, religious/nonreligious backgrounds, and LGBTQ+ issues. Robert has experience in treating underlying mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, behavioral addictions, and identity issues.

Robert is passionate about helping people discover and understand who they are as they pursue mental, emotional, spiritual, and relational health. He believes that when a person pursues holistic health, they are able to have a full and meaningful life.

Robert lives in Dallas with his wife and 4 children.
Session Fee: $100