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Integrative Care For Your
Mind, Body, & Soul

Mental, physical, and spiritual health challenges make it hard to be fully present at home, at work, and in life.

Communion Counseling & Wellness is a collective of physical and mental health professionals in Allen, TX working together to help you become the healthiest you. So you can be fully present for the moments that matter most.



Massage Therapy


Functional Medicine

Chiropractic Care

Craniosacral Therapy

We Treat The Source. Not Just The Symptoms.

Symptoms are the warning lights in the body’s dashboard. They identify a problem, but they rarely explain the root cause. Many people with chronic physical or mental disorders get tossed around from specialist to specialist, hoping to find answers. Often, they lose hope.

When you bring those specialists together, you get a fuller understanding of the problem and a clearer path to the solution. That’s why at Communion Counseling & Wellness, we work with a team of specialists spanning a variety of disciplines to help you rediscover hope, find real answers, and get a plan for a better, healthier life.

You can get your life back. We can help.

Your Road Map To A Better Life

It’s more than your journey to health. It’s your journey to wellness.

We make it simple.

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    Schedule a consultation

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    Get a personalized plan

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    Become a healthier you

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