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Individuals who suffer from PTSD do so in a number of ways. Individuals can face emotional, psychological, physical and behavioral symptoms.

Numerous studies show that stress also affects the nervous system–and in various ways.

Somatic Experiencing SE is a therapeutic modality that, at its heart, helps individuals connect with their body and nervous system in meaningful ways that help them understand their emotions and work through the trauma that continues to affect them.

If you’re considering SE or want to learn more, reach out to the Allen, TX, SE therapist or SEP practitioner at Communion Wellness.

SE 101

Click here to visit the Somatic Experiencing International’s website and learn more about the SE approach

In this 5-minute video, founder of Somatic Experiencing®, Dr. Peter Levine discusses how he came to create his powerful approach to trauma

How Somatic Experiencing Works

  • It connects you to your body

    Most therapeutic modalities start by exploring the thoughts and feelings that may be manifesting in some form of physical distress. SE does the opposite. It helps you understand your emotions by making you aware of physical symptoms, like increased heart rate or tension.

  • It helps you identify feelings

    Your emotions come with physical symptoms. When you’re happy, you smile, for instance. Somatic Experiencing helps you learn what you’re feeling by getting you acquainted with how those feelings uniquely affect your body.

  • It helps you to reprocess traumatic events

    Somatic Experiencing helps you connect with physical sensations to understand your emotional state. During this process, a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner will guide you through a controlled and regulated physical response that helps you reprocess a traumatic experience.

  • It helps you find better ways to respond to stress

    By intentionally working through the controlled and regulated physical responses, you “release” traumatic fight or flight energy. You create new pathways that allow your mind and body to develop greater connections by resolving overwhelming past traumatic events and to better handle future stressful events in your life.

Fight, Flight, Freeze. How SE Helps Reprocess Traumatic Events

Dr. Peter Levine, who developed SE as a therapeutic approach, understood that stress begins after the response to an acutely traumatic event.

During those acute events, individuals will fight, flight, or freeze, and PTSD is essentially being “stuck” in one of those defense responses– in particular the freeze mode.

The body generates a lot of hormones during a fight or flight moment, and that energy needs to be released somehow. The act of physical reprocessing helps do this, thus “completing” the original stress cycle.

In conjunction with other therapeutic methods, SE offers individuals who suffer from PTSD or other stress-based disorders hope for healing and practical resources, strategies and tools to manage future stress in healthy ways.

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